How much does it cost?

On this page I’ll track how much we’ve spent on our local food wedding dinner. Being thrifty by nature, we try to scavenge and reuse as much of what we need as possible. I’ve added totals below, so scroll down to see what our meal cost us.

For the vegetables:

  • 7,500 square feet of fine sandy loam for our garden: free (we’re lucky, thank you to Medomak Camp)
  • Soil testing from Maine Soil Testing Service: $15
  • Seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds: $94
  • Potting soil & seed starting trays from a local hardware store: $26
  • Seed starting supplies & black plastic mulch from a local hardware store: $36
  • Watering can from Reny’s: $4
  • Agribon row cover from Johnny’s: $47
  • Seed potatoes from Johnny’s (25 lbs): $14
  • Tractor use and greenhouse space at Dandelion Spring Farm: bartered for farm sitting
  • Seed potatoes from Linscott’s (25 lbs): $15
  • Seed starting supplies from Linscott’s: $12
  • Fish emulsion (for fertilizing seedlings) from Hussey’s: $8
  • Onion seedlings & potting soil from Green Thumb: $58
  • Lime & bone meal from Agway: $54
  • 30 one-gallon glass pickle jars from Art’s Variety: $16
  • Seeds from Johnny’s: $60
  • Clover seed from Fedco: $7
  • 9-gauge metal wire for cutting into hoops to hold up remay from Tractor Supply Co.: $28
  • Metal wire and black plastic from Paris Farmers Union: $29
  • Black plastic from Green Thumb: $12
  • Potting soil from Hussey’s: $5
  • Potting soil from Skillin’s: $16
  • Bolt cutters from Home Depot (to cut metal wire): $16
  • Black plastic from Green Thumb: $12
  • Pepper seedlings from Agway: $11
  • Fish fertilizer & twine from Damariscotta Hardware: $45
  • Tomato stakes from Paris Farmers Union: $18
  • Bonide insecticidal soap from Union Agway: $13
  • Bonide neem oil spray from Union Agway: $9
  • One gallon sprayer from Union Agway: $14
  • Copper fungicide from Johnny’s: $17
  • Dipel Bt organic pesticide to spray on brassicas from Union Agway: $10
  • Grand total for the garden & pickle making: $725
  • Income from selling pickles and tomatoes: $179
  • Net expenses for vegetables & pickles: $546 (not bad if you consider that, in addition to providing food for the wedding, we’ve fed ourselves out of the garden all summer and put up lots of food for the winter)

For the chicken tractors:

  • Scrap wood from Midcoast Freecycle: free
  • Nails & corner brackets from Village Store: $5
  • Metal strap hanger & screws from Hussey’s: $8
  • Screws from Marden’s: $3
  • Chicken wire, latches & staples from Damariscotta Hardware: $53
  • More chicken wire, hinges and a latch from Hussey’s: $60
  • More scavenged scrap wood from the camp: free
  • More staples from Union Agway: $3
  • Total: $132

Supplies for the chickens:

  • 50 Freedom Ranger chicks from JM Hatchery: $90
  • Shavings from Linscott’s: $8
  • A total of 950 pounds of chicken feed from Linscott’s: $247
  • Slaughtering fees at West Gardiner Beef: $130
  • Grand total: $475, which equals $9.90 per chicken
  • Income from selling 12 chickens: $231
  • Net amount spent on chicken structures and supplies: $376

2 responses to “How much does it cost?

  1. and thank you for this. i think that our ability to share using today’s technologies is profound. and i think it’s a little ironic that we can almost almanac this sort of farming experience on the interweb! ha!
    but keeping your adventure and its documentation available to all of US makes doing this ourselves seem so very possible.

  2. Good morning,

    i’m journaliste in Chérie Sposa, an italian bridal magazine.
    i found your website and i’d like to speak about your eco-wedding experience. So, could you send me some hi-res images of your catering to be published on the magazine?

    Thank you so much, let me know at!

    Best regards.


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