About us

Andy and I (Julia) both grew up in rural Maine. We met almost four years ago, and we started dating soon after. We’ve known for a long time that we’re meant for each other, and that we want to spend our lives together.

As a newly married couple, we plan to start our own small organic farm. We want to grow vegetables and fruits, make maple syrup and pickles and raise animals for meat and eggs. The reasons we are pursuing farming are many. We want to work for ourselves, we enjoy being outdoors and active, and we love having projects to work on. We get a lot of satisfaction from providing for our own basic needs. We believe deeply that fresh, whole foods are essential for healthy living. We are disturbed by the American diet and it’s focus on highly processed (and subsidized) food-like substances. We want to do our part to bring fresh, healthy, whole foods to people of all economic backgrounds. We love to watch plants and animals grow, and we just love to eat good food!

We hope to share this love of fresh food with around 100 guests at our wedding this September. We rented out a summer camp for the weekend, and we enlisted friends and family to help us cook. We’re planning to grow much of the food we will serve at the dinner reception, including chickens and a variety of vegetables. We’re lucky to live at Medomak Camp in Washington, Maine, where the owners are letting us use around 7,500 square feet of land for our garden and the adjacent field for our chickens.

Since we don’t have much money (and we’d rather spend the money we have on farmland) we’re also trying to spend as little on the wedding as possible. This blog will follow our efforts, from planning and recipe testing to planting and harvesting to cooking and eating. Enjoy!


8 responses to “About us

  1. I’ve been enlisted to bake pies for the wedding. I’ve been searching yard sales for pie plates and will experiment with new recipes for pie crust without Crisco. Any tried and true recipes greatly appreciated. YUM!!

  2. LOVE this – congrats to both of you for nuturing the earth and your love for one another. What a lovely idea. Mom – try using Earth Balance Vegan shortening – I’ve heard it is great!

  3. I think what you are doing is wonderful. Really, really wonderful. I’m going to write about you on my blog VERY soon. I’ll send you the link when I do!

  4. such an inspiration, and such a spirited connection i feel for you two. THIS, in my opinion, is the American Dream you’re living.
    so happy for you. kudos!!!

  5. I absolutely love what you are doing! Do you have a wedding photographer? If not, I’d love to donate my time to shoot your wedding. Let me know if you are interested!

    Best of luck with your growing season!


  6. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I wrote about you on my blog today.


  7. This is so wonderful! I live in NYC and linked to your blog from the Portland Press Herald article. Best of luck to you both for the wedding and all that comes after!

  8. Hi! I wondered if you would like to be featured on Eco Brides blog (an independent Australian Magazine with blog). Unfortunately I can’t find any contact details for you. Please feel free to contact me! Cas.

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