Guest post: Blooms prolifically, tolerates dry weather

The following post was written by my mother, Jane Davis. With my father, she is growing the decorations for the wedding.

When Julia asked me if I would like to grow flowers for her wedding I was delighted. To share in the preparations for my daughter’s celebration of love and commitment to Andy is a joy. So I thought about the date of September 25, which is during the harvest season and right around the date of our usual first frost.

Harvest time is a time of plenty, when all our hard work in the garden and the benevolence of mother nature bring us a bounty of fruits, vegetables and flowers. We have been eating well from the garden all summer, but now is the time to put away foods that will sustain us over the winter. Many of our flowers are past their bloom time, and others will fade with the frost. But our memories of them remain.

We will not be content with memories for wedding decorations, however, so I have decided to grow decorative gourds and flowers called everlastings. The gourds come in a variety of fanciful shapes, with stripes, spots and bumps of gold and green. If handled gently and cured properly they will last for a very long time. The flower varieties include   globe amaranth, statice and strawflowers.  Let’s consider the description of globe amaranth from the Fedco catalog – “Easily grown in any soil, likes sun, blooms prolifically. Tolerates dry weather and some frost”.

Such is my wish for Julia and Andy’s life together. May they handle one another gently, as if harvesting gourds, and see their love last for a very long time. May their marriage grow easily in any soil, tolerate dry weather and some frost, bloom prolifically, and be everlasting.


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